10g Calcium Hypochlorite Pellets

[SP162-20]    Pack size - 20 Kg


10g Calcium Hypochlorite Pellets
Chemical: Calcium Hypochlorite
Function: A 10g unstabilised chlorine pellet mainly used as a sanitiser for indoor pools or as a shock treatment for pools. Not suitable for spas.

Dosing Instructions (Pool)

These pellets can be dosed into the pool via the skimmer basket or a chlorine feeder. Before using the pellets please ensure there is no other chemical present in the skimmer basket or feeder as a dangerous reaction may occur. If another material has been used before wash out the skimmer basket or feeder thoroughly before adding the pellets. Never place the pellets directly into the pool, as severe bleaching or staining may occur. 10 pellets will increase the chlorine level of a 10,000 gallon pool by 1ppm. For a shock treatment dose 500 grams per 10,000 gallons (approximately 50-60 pellets).


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10g Calcium Hypochlorite Pellets
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