500g Multifunctional Holiday Tablets

[SP128-20]    Pack size - 20 Kg


500g Multifunctional Holiday Tablets
Chemical: Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Aluminium Sulphate and Copper Sulphate.
Function: A large 500g chlorine tablet ideal for when you go away on holiday. Each tablet contains chlorine, algaecide and flocculant. It is placed in the skimmer basket and slowly dissolves whilst you are away.

Dosing Rates
  • Pool: Place 1 tablet per 10,000 gallons of pool water into the skimmer basket. It will take 14 days to dissolve.
  • NEVER place tablets directly into the pool as severe bleaching/staining may occur.
  • If another chemical has been used in the skimmer basket prior to adding the 500g Holiday Tablet (Trichloroisocyanuric Acid), please ensure that the skimmer basket is thoroughly washed out before adding the tablet.
  • Maintain a chlorine level of 1-3ppm and a pH level of 7.2-7.6 in your pool.
Click here for a MSDS Sheet for this product.

by Richard Hanlon on 12/04/2019

by ROGER HAND on 11/07/2018
The container was correctly labelled but the contents were 200g tablets not 500g tablets...it’s not the end of the world but rather annoying as I wanted the longer lasting tablet
Swimming Pool Chemicals response : Apologies for that, unfortunately these things do sometimes happen. We'll gladly replace them for you and learn from this mistake.

by jhs fish ltd Stephanie hannan on 09/07/2018

by Peter Stoughton-Harris on 26/06/2018

by Michael Wells on 14/06/2018

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by Ashok Dhuna on 21/09/2013
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500g Multifunctional Holiday Tablets
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