Bromine Spa Starter

[SP601-2.5]    Pack size - 2.5 litres


Bromine Spa Starter
Chemical Name: Sodium Bromide Solution.
Function: An additive to your spa that quickly allows you to establish a bromine level.

Traditional bromine tablets are very slow dissolving so it can be difficult to get a sufficiently high bromine concentration when it is filled with fresh water. Bromine Spa Starter is a bromide solution which when used in conjunction with oxy shock enables you to rapidly establish the correct bromine level when you first fill or refill your hot tub.

Dosing Instructions:
  • Fill your hot tub to the correct level with water.
  • Add 250 ml of Bromine Spa Starter Liquid per 1000 litres direct to the water and allow to circulate for 10 minutes.
  • Pre dissolve 30 grams of oxy shock per 1000 litres of spa water in a plastic container of water and add to the spa water.
  • Allow to circulate for 30 minutes before bathing.
  • Place 2 bromine tablets per 1000 litres in the floating dispenser. Half open the adjustable collar and place in the hot tub
  • You only need to add the bromine starter liquid after you completely empty and refill the hot tub with fresh water.
  • If you ever need to boost the bromine level quickly; perhaps if the water is cloudy after the hot tub has been heavily used; just add 30 to 100 grams of oxyshock per 1000 litres of water

    Click here for a MSDS Sheet for this product.
  • by Michael R Murphy on 13/10/2018

    by Steve Tilbury on 11/07/2017

    by David Austwick on 16/06/2017
    So much easier to use liquid when restarting spa, tablets are slow!!

    by Ken IRVINE on 28/12/2016

    by Keith Mayer on 05/11/2016
    I would of liked to move bromine tried to speak with some about but not enough help needed ?
    Swimming Pool Chemicals response : We are very sorry about this Keith. Please contact us on 0800 358 6140.

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    by Marie Merritt on 07/08/2014

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    Bromine Spa Starter
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