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Chlorine, Algaecide, Clarifier

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ContainsTrichloroisocyanuric Acid, Copper Sulphate and Aluminium Sulphate.
FunctionA 200g chlorine tablet that also contains an algaecide and a flocculant. Used as a sanitiser for swimming pools.
Pool Dose (Skimmer)Add 1 tablet per 10,000 gallons of pool water. It will take 5 to 7 days to dissolve.
Pool Dose (Dispenser)Add 1 tablet per 7,000 gallons of pool water. It will take 10-14 days to dissolve.
Spa DoseNot suitable for spas.
Dosing MethodPlace tablets in a skimmer, chlorine feeder or floating dispenser. NEVER place the tablets directly into the pool or spa.
Health and Safety Click here for a MSDS sheet for Multifunctional Tablets.
Blog Visit our blog to read more about Multifunctional Tablets.
Large Floating Dispenser

Large Floating Dispenser

A floating dispenser for use with 20g and 200g stabilised chlorine tablets (maxi tabs) or multifunctional tablets.…

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Stabilised Chlorine Granules
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