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Flocculants are substances which improve the efficiency of your sand filter. They release a coagulant to help filter sand remove fine particles which could pass through the filter and make the water cloudy.

There are two forms of flocculant you can use on your pool:

Granular Flocculant (Aluminium sulphate)
Aluminium sulphate is added to the skimmer basket after backwashing to put a gel like coat on the filter which enables particles which would normally pass through the filter to be filtered out.

Backwash the filter. Place 60 grams of aluminium sulphate for each 45 cubic metres (10,000 gallons) of pool water in the skimmer or strainer basket. The pool filter should be run continuously for at least 48 hours and only back washed during this time if the pressure rises to the level recommended for backwashing. In the event of backwashing repeat dose.

Sparkle Water Clarifier
Sparkle water clarifier liquid flocculant actually flocculates the fine particles in the water making them stick together in clumps so that they can be filtered out. The amount of sparkle required is determined by how cloudy the water is (e.g. The cloudier the water the more sparkle you need).

To clear cloudy water add 300 mls per 45 cubic metres (10,000 gallons). Dilute in a plastic bucket and distribute evenly around the pool with the filter operating. For routine use add 60 mls per 45 cubic metres (10,000 gallons) weekly.

Please note that if you are using multifunctional tablets as your source of chlorine then these already contain a flocculant. Therefore a weekly dose of flocculant is not necessary.

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