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When uncovering your pool at the start of the summer you can often be faced with a horrible green mess. This can often seem daunting when faced with the task of getting it ready for the summer but in truth it is relatively simple.

Stage 1 - Setting Up the Pool

Before treating the water it is vital that you check that all the equipment is in working order. To do this connect the pool pump and filter and reconnect all hoses and electrical connections. Following on from this make sure the filter, pump, skimmers, drains and the pool water itself are free from debris and leaves. Finally fill the water up to its normal level and turn on the filter pump to make sure all the equipment is functioning properly.

Stage 2 - Treating the Water

After your pool filter has been running for 3-4 hours it is time to start getting your water back to its normal state. Firstly check the pH and alkalinity levels and adjust accordingly using sodium carbonate (pH +) and sodium bisulphate (pH -). Once your levels are ok then boost the chlorine level in your pool using Chlorine Shock (make sure you follow the instructions provided on the product). Once you have shocked your pool, brush your pool walls and vacuum away any remaining debris. The system should also be circulated to assist in removing any debris. If your pool is still green you may need to shock and scrub your pool again.

Stage 3 - Using your Pool

After boosting your chlorine level in your pool leave it for a few days, to allow the chlorine level to decrease and the debris to filter away. Once this has happened you can now add stabilising chlorine via your skimmer or floating dispenser. This will allow you to keep your pool clean and clear. Finally add polyquat algaecide to prevent any future algae problems. To improve water clarity add sparkle water clarifier.

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