Jolly Gel Flocculant

Jolly Gel Flocculant removes phosphate and improves water clarity in a few hours.

Safely used with EGFM, Sand, Zeoclere, Lacronite, Clinopure, Zeostar and Purity. Not suitable for using in above ground pools that have a cartridge filter.

Place one cube in the pump basket, not the skimmer basket. Leave the filter running until the water becomes clear - usually within 24 hours, then backwash and rinse. Keep pH between 7.2-7.6 and alkalinity between 80-200ppm.

Use one cube for pools up to 12,500 gallons. Keeps working for up to 3 weeks. DO NOT place chlorine tablets near cube.

Jolly Gel also helps remove Algae from the pool water. Algae spores need phosphate to feed on, eliminating phosphate will mean that you are reducing the growth medium for the algae and thus reducing the likelihood of algae growth.

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