Above Ground Pool Starter Kits

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Above Ground Pool Starter Kits

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Having your own pool in your back garden is fantastic when the summer sun is shining down. All above-ground pool owners want to be able to make the most of the relaxing waters throughout the summer season. Picking up a pool maintenance kit for an above-ground pool means you’ll be able to enjoy your pool whenever the mood takes you.

Why do you need chemicals for an above-ground pool?

Above-ground pool chemical kits give you all the crucial chemicals needed for you to properly treat your pool waters. You’ll need to make sure you use the right above-ground pool treatment before taking a dip, otherwise the pool water might not be of a usable quality – especially if it has been a while between uses.

Maintaining your above-ground pool usually involves using chemicals to disinfect the water, as well as controlling the pH, alkalinity and hardness. This helps the water stay sanitised while remaining at a comfortable level so you can enjoy your pool without it being overpowering. You can also get additional items to help prevent algae build-up and keep your pool water looking clear and inviting.

Swimming Pool Chemicals stocks everything from basic starter kits with all the essential bits like chlorine treatments, to deluxe kits with valuable additions for comprehensive above-ground pool water treatment. Each kit comes with full step-by-step instructions that explain how to use the chemicals correctly, so you can feel confident your above-ground pool treatment is being carried out correctly.

Picking the right above-ground pool chemicals

Whether you have a permanent above-ground pool or an alternative like an Intex above ground pool, pool chemicals are crucial for keeping your water safe throughout the season. Deciding which kit to pick comes down to the overall size of your swimming pool and how much control you want over the water.

The size is based on the diameter and volume of the above-ground pool, meaning you can pick the right chemicals that will properly treat the entirety of your pool. To figure out the right dosing levels for your pool, you can use our dosing calculator to make things easier.

Some kits come with just the essentials that you need to keep your pool clean and safe. Others will be bundled with extras to maintain your pool for longer, such as flocculant and floating dispensers.

Take a look at our range of above-ground pool starter kits that match the size of your pool and see which one offers you the chemicals that give you the degree of control you want. Our handy guide to above-ground pools can also assist with your decision around which kit to buy.

Swimming Pool Chemicals has the answers you need

Decided that one of our above-ground pool chemical kits is just what you need? Then you’re at least halfway to securing free next-day delivery. Anyone in the UK mainland placing an order of over £65 is eligible for this, so you can get the chemicals you need as quickly as possible at no extra cost.

If you’re not sure about what kits would be best, or would like some advice on above-ground pool chemical set-up, give us a call on 0800 358 6140 or email us at sales@swimmingpoolchemicals.co.uk.


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