Help and Advice


First time buyers First Time Buyers New to owning a pool or spa and unsure where to start? This section guides you through the chemicals you will need to get up and running.
Maintaining your Pool Maintaining your Pool Need to know what chemicals you require for your pool? Our dedicated pool section explains the different chemicals you will need to keep your pool trouble-free.
Opening your Pool Step-by-Step guide to opening your pool in the spring.
Closing your Pool Step-by-Step guide to closing your pool for winter.
Maintaining your Spa Maintaining your Spa Confused by what chemicals you need for your spa? Our specialist spa section guides you through all the chemicals you will need to maintain your spa.
Above Ground Pools Just set up an above ground pool and need some chemicals? This section explains everything you will need to keep your pool clean and clear throughout the summer.
Troubleshooting Got a problem with your pool or spa that you can't seem to solve? Check out this section and you might just find the answer!
Glossary Glossary Having trouble getting to grips with the chemical jargon? Our glossary will help you understand some of those confusing terms.
Dosing Calculator Dosing Calculator Not sure how much chemical you need to put in? All you need is your pool dimensions and our dosing calculator will do the rest!