Maintaining Your Pool

When you installed your swimming pool you did not do it to make lots of extra work or to become a pool chemist. In our opinion choosing the right chemical for your pool can be very confusing - we aim to cut through this confusion. To enable you to choose the right chemicals for your pool and to keep it properly maintained we have set out comprehensive information on all the chemicals that you will require and some advice on maintenance, just click on one of the links below for more information.

Maintaining your Pool Topics
Sanitisers - Your guide to Chlorine & Bromine
Water Balance - Keeping your pool 'in balance'
Algaecides - How to prevent Algae forming in your pool
Flocculants - Maintain that sparkling look to your pool
Dechlorinating - Safely remove chlorine from your pool
Shock Treatment - Getting rid of algae from a pool
Opening your Pool for Summer - A step-by-step guide
Closing your Pool for Winter - A step-by-step guide
Water Testing - Making sure your pool stays safe to swim in
Hard & Soft Water Areas - How your water supply affects your pool