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Home spas and hot tubs give you easy access to one of life’s luxuries – an incredibly relaxing soak in a bubbling tub. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or plan on celebrating the start of the weekend, getting your hot tub going for a chilled-out evening can be blissful.

Using one of our specially designed spa chemical kits will make sure your spa or hot tub runs smoothly whenever you plan on using it. Swimming Pool Chemicals has spa starter kits for both hard and soft water areas, so you can use chemicals tailored to your local needs.

A good indication of whether you have hard or soft water is your kettle. If your kettle scales up heavily you have hard water, if doesn't scale up you have soft water.

Alternatively to find out what type of water your hot tub uses, check out our hard and soft water area guide.

Why do you need chemicals in a hot tub?

Your spa or hot tub requires the same sort of upkeep as having a swimming pool, using chemicals to keep the water sanitary. With more people using a hot tub at the same time, there’s a greater need to treat the water due to the lower volume of it when compared to a swimming pool.

There’s a range of spa chemical treatments for the water, from shocking your spa for a deep clean to using spa sanitisers as part of the regular upkeep between uses. If you don’t stay on top of your spa or hot tub maintenance, you can start to run into serious issues with both the water and the operation of the hot tub itself. We have a guide for maintaining your spa if you’re interested in finding out the extent of spa chemical upkeep.

Types of spa chemical starter kits

When choosing which of our kits you want to purchase, two main questions can help you make that decision:

Does your area have hard or soft water?

Do you want to use chlorine or bromine chemical treatments?

There are different spa chemical starter kits available to suit your needs and preferences, giving you flexibility and reassurance that you’re using the right chemicals for you.

The differences between using bromine tablets or stabilised chlorine may come down to how you would prefer to care for your spa:

Bromine is well-suited to the high temperatures of spas and works effectively at a wider pH range (7.2 to 8.2). It also doesn't have the strong smell that you get with chlorine.

Chlorine comes as both granules and tablets, offering spa owners more ways to sanitise their spa to their liking. However, it can also require more components to offset changes to the pH of the water

Whichever you decide to use for your home spa, each kit provides excellent value for money when compared to buying the components individually. They also come supplied with step-by-step instructions for using spa chemical kits to ensure you are treating the water correctly.

We’ve got what you need to start your spa sessions

Swimming Pool Chemicals carries everything you need to get your spa up and running again. Any orders over £65 also qualify for free next-day delivery in the UK mainland, so you won’t be left waiting for long before you can jump right in. Our previous customer feedback speaks for itself in terms of the fantastic service we can provide.

With the spa chemical treatment taken care of, you’re free to enjoy the relaxing water to your heart’s content. If you have any questions about our spa starter kits, you can call us on 0800 358 6140 or reach us via email at



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