Hot Tub and Spa Chlorine

If you’ve just invested in a hot tub or spa, you’ll find that keeping on top of a cleaning routine is crucial for reducing bacteria and germs in the water. To tackle hygiene in your spa or hot tub, use chlorine tablets or granules for a hassle-free sanitising solution. 

For hot tub chlorine granules or spa chlorine tablets, take a look at our selection. You’ll find what you need to keep your water clean and clear for a relaxing dip.

What are spa and hot tub chlorine tablets?

Spas and hot tubs operate at higher temperatures than swimming pools. They also have a smaller volume of water and more people per unit of water than a pool. This all means that while there are similarities in the chemicals that are added to the water, the cleaning routine is more intense.  

Spa and hot tub chlorine tablets deliver a slow-dissolving dose of chlorine into the water. They’re low-maintenance and easy to use.  

Stabilised chlorine tablets work well in hot tubs and spas because they are suitable for cleaning water that’s outdoors. Sunlight can break down chlorine, so the chemicals used in the stabilised tablets ensure the chlorine is working effectively.

How to use our spa and hot tub chlorine tablets

To add hot tub chlorine tablets to the water, you’ll need to use a floating dispenser. Place one to three tablets in the dispenser and adjust the collar to get the right dissolution. The tablets will take two to three days to dissolve.

Be sure to maintain a chlorine level of 2-4ppm and a pH level of 7.0-7.6 in your spa.

What are spa and hot tub chlorine granules?

Hot tub and spa chlorine granules share a lot of the same properties as the tablet dose. However, stabilised chlorine granules are fine-grade chlorine that dissolves quickly. They are easy to use and have little effect on pH levels.

How to use our chlorine granules for your hot tub or spa

To add spa chlorine granules, dissolve the required quantity in warm water. Five grams of stabilised granular chlorine, which is roughly a teaspoon, will increase the free chlorine by 2.5ppm in a 1,000-litre spa. As a guide, you should use one teaspoon per person using the spa. The chlorine level should be maintained at 2-4ppm and the pH level at 7.0-7.6.

Need some advice?

If you have any questions about our range of hot tub tablets and spa chlorine granules, we’re always happy to help.  Speak to our team of spa and hot tub experts or check out our advice hub for tips and guides.

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