Spa, Hot Tub and Pool Test Strips

We have a selection of test strips for hot tubs, swimming pools, and home spas. To truly enjoy your spa, you'll need to make sure that the water is effectively sanitised, stabilised and safe.

With our pool test strips, you can do just that. Whether you've just invested in a top-spec hot tub or you've been using a pool in your garden for years, our water testing strips will show you when it's ready for use.

What are pool and spa test strips?

Swimming pool and spa test strips are compact paper strips designed to test the levels of certain chemicals in water. These chemicals include chlorine and bromine, which are necessary to keep water clean and sanitised, defending you against harmful pathogens.

Water testing strips also determine levels of pH and water balance, which protects your pump, heater, and other vital components from damage – along with keeping the water clean.

To make sure you're always bathing in safe water, we recommend using test strips at least twice a week. You can then adjust levels as necessary.

Which water test strips are available?

The pool and spa test strips we have available are manufactured by AquaChek, so premium quality is assured. However, there are a few different types in our collection, so it's worth knowing which is best suited to your spa or swimming pool.

Choose between:

Our best-selling digital reader tests for free chlorine and free bromine, alongside pH and total alkalinity. Specifically developed for pool and spa owners, this advanced reader removes the need to interpret colour results.

After dipping a strip in the water, numerical results appear on an LCD display within seconds. You can also buy replacement TruTest Strips for this device, with 50 per pack.

These strips test for free chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH and total alkalinity. After dipping the test strip in the water, you'll get results within seconds on an easy-to-read scale.

Bromine water test strips work in the same way as their chorine testing counterparts – but, as the name suggests, identify bromine instead. These strips test for total bromine, pH, total alkalinity and total hardness in water – with 50 strips per bottle.

These strips test for monopersulphate, pH and alkalinity, with 50 strips per bottle.

Salt water testing strips are a useful tool to determine if there are any contaminants in your swimming pool or spa, with 10 strips per bottle.

Our most comprehensive type of water testing strip, the 7 Test Strips will identify levels of total chlorine and total bromine; additionally, they test for free chlorine, total hardness, pH, total alkalinity, and cyanuric acid.

How to read pool test strips

Each unique swimming pool and spa testing strip works differently, so it's important to follow the instructions on the packaging. Don't use labels from another manufacturer or an older kit, as this could lead to inaccurate results.

Generally, you'll be able to use a colour chart to determine the levels of each variable measured by the water test strip – unless you're using a digital reader.

It's a good idea to note down your results after each test. As an example, the following steps are used for the AquaChek 7 Test Strips:

  • Dip one test strip into your home spa or swimming pool water, then remove it immediately
  • Hold the strip still and level for 15 seconds (do not shake)
  • Compare levels of each tested chemical to the corresponding colour chart on the label

Swimming pool test strips: Further guidance

Store and maintain your spa and pool test strips appropriately to ensure they work accurately. We suggest that you:

  • Do not use expired test strips, even if they haven't been opened
  • Do not reach into the bottle with wet fingers – the strips are intended to test the first water they come into contact with, so you might accidentally waste one
  • Keep the cap screwed on tightly between each use
  • Store pool test strips in a mild environment with low humidity

Contact Swimming Pool Chemicals for more information

If you have any questions about our selection of test strips for hot tubs, spas and swimming pools, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer your query and offer expert advice.

Our dedicated help and advice section also offers handy information and tips on looking after your hot tub, regardless of your level of experience.

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