Chlorine & Bromine

Sanitising chemicals are one of the must-haves for a pool or spa owner. By using either bromine or chlorine in the water, you can keep bacteria and viruses at bay, as well as minimising algae build-up. Without sanitising chemicals like chlorine or bromine, swimming pool waters can become unsanitary and green from algae a lot quicker than you might expect.

If you have a spa or above-ground swimming pool, chlorine or bromine-based pool chemicals give you the tools to properly dose your waters and help prevent these undesirable effects. These come in two main forms:

Bromine and chlorine tablets (Bromine tablets are only available in 20g. Chlorine tablets are available in 20g, 200g, and 500g tablet sizes)

Chlorine granules (stabilised chlorine or calcium hypochlorite)

There are also multifunctional tablets you can use, which are essentially pool chlorine tablets with additional chemicals. These include a flocculant and an algaecide, which provide further benefits when used in your pool.

Dispensing chlorine and bromine

You can choose from several different dispersion methods for mixing these chemicals with the water. Each method functions slightly differently, so you can pick the one which suits how you want to care for your swimming pool or spa.

Floating dispenser

This can act as a bromine or chlorine dispenser, gradually releasing the equipped pool chemical throughout the water as it floats across the surface. You can use dispensers with different sized chemical tablets, setting the correct amount to be released to give your pool or spa the right dosage. As a manual dispersion method, floating dispensers are ideal for above-ground pools with minimal equipment.

Pre-mixed solution

If you’re using granulated pool chemicals, such as stabilised chlorine or calcium hypochlorite, you can measure the dosage, dissolve it into warm water and then distribute it across the surface of the pool. This is also an ideal method if you’re applying a shock treatment to your pool or spa, rather than just the regular day-to-day sanitising. Please always remember to add chemicals to water and not vice-versa.

Adding to the skimmer basket

Although some pool chemical products can be detrimental to your pool equipment if added directly to the skimmer basket, ours are safe and easy to use this way. Please note when adding any chemicals to your skimmer basket ALWAYS make sure there are no traces of another chemical in the skimmer basket before adding it.

By adding bromine or chlorine tablets to the basket, the water passes through and dissolves the tablets gradually to uniformly distribute through the water. You could also add pre-mixed granule chemicals to the basket as a way of ensuring the chemicals get distributed thoroughly.

Testing your pool water

As part of your regular sanitising routine, make sure to test your swimming pool’s chlorine levels daily and before the pool is used. Monitoring the health of your pool helps ensure it hasn’t become overchlorinated or had its pH levels negatively impacted. Leaving these things unchecked could lead to your pool becoming unpleasant to use or posing more serious issues to those who use it.

All your pool chemical needs are covered with us

Swimming Pool Chemicals can get whichever sanitising chemicals you need delivered directly to you. Just take a look at what our satisfied customers think about our excellent service.

If you have questions about which chemicals to use for your pool or spa, you can get in touch with our experts at or 0800 358 6140 for buying advice.


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