Chlorine Granules

When the summer season arrives, it’s time to prep your pool for use on those sunny days so you can relax in the waters whenever the mood takes you. Whether you need to sanitise your pool or hot tub, stabilised chlorine granules give you a versatile way of removing bacteria, viruses and algae so you can start spending those summer days splashing away.

Stabilised Chlorine Granules can be used in either a feeder or dispenser, as well as applied to the water via a pre-mixed solution. This means you can keep up with your pool’s required cleaning routine in a way that suits you.

Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Granules (Chlorine Shock) can be used to apply shock treatments to your pool when necessary.

Using stabilised chlorine granules for sanitising

Sanitising is something you need to do as part of the day-to-day cleaning of a pool or hot tub, keeping the water clean and free from undesirable contaminants. There are slightly different ratios of stabilised chlorine granules needed for dosing pools and spas, as spas will typically need a more concentrated dose to maintain the right level of cleanliness. You can also use our dosing calculator to figure the exact chlorine dose required for your specific pool.

Using calcium hypochlorite chlorine granules for shock treatment

Although the name might sound a little strange, shocking your pool plays an important part within your regular maintenance cycle. This is a necessary step for getting rid of algae build-up, which will likely be needed even when you’ve maintained the correct chlorine level for sanitising.

A different type of chlorine granule is generally used for shocking which is referred to as as shock chlorine granules (calcium hypochlorite granules). It is absolutely essential that you DO NOT MIX WITH ANY STABILISED CHLORINE AS IT WILL REACT VIOLENTLY!

By using a considerably higher dose of chlorine granules to gallons of water in your pool, you can create a shock dose of chlorine for cleaning your pool water.

When using chlorine granules for swimming pools, or any other form of chlorine product, to maintain clear and clean pool water you should regularly monitor the chlorine levels within your pool water. Testing your water for overdosing on chlorine or an unbalanced pH can help you remedy problems before they present themselves in other ways.

If you’re unsure about whether chlorine granules are right for your cleaning needs, you can pick up a pool chemical starter kit that gives you a range of chemicals and step-by-step instructions to make cleaning your pool more straightforward.

Get your chlorine granules with Swimming Pool Chemicals

We supply chlorine granules and many other essential pool chemicals to customers up and down the UK, with free next-day delivery on orders over £65 on the UK mainland. Plus, you’ll receive a free gift on orders over £50 - all you need to do is select which one when you place your order.

For any of your pool chemical queries, you can drop us a line via email at or call us on 0800 358 6140.

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