Chlorine & Bromine Tablets

Tablets are effective for releasing pool chemicals over time, dissolving into the water to provide constant cleaning and sanitising for several days. Bromine tablets and chlorine tablets can be used for the day-to-day upkeep of your pool, hot tub, or spa, dispersing the necessary chemicals to stop algae forming and kill off bacteria and viruses.

On top of keeping bacteria at bay and killing off viruses, using bromine or chlorine tablets for cleaning & sanitising your pool water, helps keep it clear and inviting for anyone thinking about taking a quick dip.

If you’re purchasing pool chemicals for the first time as a brand new pool or hot tub owner, you can find our first-time buyer guide with details about how chlorine and bromine tablets play a role in the maintenance process.

Types of pool sanitiser tablets

Stabilised chlorine tablets

If you have a swimming pool, chlorine tablets can be a great choice to place within either the skimmer basket or in a floating dispenser. WARNING - If you are placing the tablets in the skimmer basket please make sure there are no other forms of chlorine in the skimmer basket. This method of pool sanitising gives a constant output of chlorine, which reduces the amount of manual dosing you need to do. However, you will still need to check the chlorine levels regularly along with the pH and alkalinity levels.

If you have an above ground pool and would prefer to purchase your required chemicals as a bundle, there are a number of pool chemical kits you can order which contain chlorine tablets. These kits provide everything you need for maintaining your above ground pool, as well as extra products to ensure your pool water stays in pristine condition for longer.

Multifunctional tablets

With a similar chemical composition to stabilised swimming pool chlorine tablets, they work in much the same way. The primary difference between the two is that multifunctional tablets have both a flocculant and an algaecide mixed in, helping to minimise algae build-up and cloudiness.

Bromine tablets

Bromine tablets can be used as a substitute for chlorine tablets for cleaning and santising indoor pools. Bromine can also be a viable alternative to using hot tub chlorine tablets, as they offer some advantages over chlorine when used in hot tubs.

Swimming Pool Chemicals has everything you need

We are one of the most reliable providers of chlorine tablets in the UK, supporting domestic pool owners and commercial pool facilities to maintain their pools to the highest quality possible. Take a look at the excellent feedback we’ve received from our satisfied customers.

For enquiries or advice on which pool chemicals would offer you the best sanitising solution, you can get in touch by email at or via phone on 0800 358 6140.

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