Above Ground Pools

Step 1: Initial Shock Dose
Step 2: Dose your Pool with Chlorine Step 3: Test your Pool Water
Step 4: Control pH Levels Step 5: Shocking the Pool Step 6: Using Flocculant and Algaecide
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Above ground pools

During the summer months, above ground liner pools are a set up in many gardens across the country. Even though they are not used all year round, it is still vitally important to treat the water using chemicals. This will prevent any bacteria or contaminants entering the water and consequently provide a safe swimming environment.

People are often daunted by the word 'chemicals'. However by following these simple steps you can ensure your pool remains safe and trouble free throughout the summer!

Before you start it is useful to work out the volume of your pool. To do this use our dosing calculator located within the information section of our site.